Starting Your Kamado Grill

Step 1: Measure Charcoal

Set bottom vents wide open and open lid. Fill the fire bowl with enough charcoal to cover the air holes. For smoking foods at low temperatures for longer periods of time (1.5 hours+) you will need to add a little more charcoal, up to approximately 2 inches/5 centimeters above the same air holes. Mound charcoal over perforated stainless steel electric starter pocket. Use lump charcoal for best results.

Starting grill
Starting your Icon Grill

Step 2: Start Charcoal

Keep lid open. Open the electric starter flipper door and insert starter as far as possible then plug in. Wait until edges of charcoal turn white and flames are licking the mound of charcoal. It takes approximately 8 – 12 minutes to start the charcoal. After coals are started, unplug electric starter and store in holster located under Ash Drawer*.

Electric Starter sold separately on some models. *Not applicable to grills w/Cabinet Carts

Step 3: Set Temprature

Once charcoal is lit, level it out for even heat distribution and close the lid. Set top and bottom vents to the desired setting (refer to the Setting Temperature section in this manual for specific calibrations to use to attain desired cooking temperature).
Give your Kamado 8 – 12 minutes to settle into the cooking temperature you want before putting food on the grill.
NOTE: If smoking, do not let temperature exceed 275ºF/135ºC.

A) Spread hot charcoal evenly over grate.
B) Set top and bottom vents for desired cooking temperature.
C) Let temperature stabilize.

Starting Kamado

Step 4: Get Cooking

Use a wire grill brush to clean the cooking grate. That’s it – you are ready for the best cooking experience of your life.

Step 5: Ash Removal

Always let ash cool before removing ash drawer. Prior to each use, lift and pull out Removable Ash Drawer and dispose of ash.

Grilling Versatility

The Quickchange Gas Insert has altered the course of grilling history with its unique capability to convert our grill between charcoal and gas, and back again, with one small footprint.

You can enjoy the ease of gas grilling Monday through Friday, whether it be hamburgers, chicken, brats or hot dogs, and enjoy the low-and-slow charcoal grilling of ribs, brisket or pork shoulders on the weekends. Whatever you’re craving…it’s up to you!

Your Grill. Your Choice.

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