Setting & Controlling Your Kamado Grill Temperature

Icon Grills Kamado cooking temperatures are controlled by adjusting the calibrated top and bottom vents.

Increasing air flow through top and bottom air vents increases cooking temperature, while decreasing air flow lowers the cooking temperature. Closing both top and bottom vents starves the charcoal of oxygen and stifles down the fire.

Setting kamado temperature
Icon Smoking and Grill Temperatures

Important Kamado Information

  • Caution – If you’re going to smoke, do not let the grill get too hot. Keep the temperature low, it takes hours to cool down.
  • Caution ­– Continuous grilling at extreme high temperatures may cause the felt to burn.
  • Prevent Flare-Up- If the lid is lifted too quickly, oxygen will rush inside the grill, causing a flare-up. To prevent a flare-up, lift the lid 1 inch/2.5 centimeter and count to five before slowly opening the lid wide open.

*Temperature Settings are approximate. Many varying factors may give you different results with controls, such as lump charcoal quality, altitude, wind, outside temperature, dew point, barometric pressure, humidity, etc.

Grilling Versatility

The Quickchange Gas Insert has altered the course of grilling history with its unique capability to convert our grill between charcoal and gas, and back again, with one small footprint.

You can enjoy the ease of gas grilling Monday through Friday, whether it be hamburgers, chicken, brats or hot dogs, and enjoy the low-and-slow charcoal grilling of ribs, brisket or pork shoulders on the weekends. Whatever you’re craving…it’s up to you!

Your Grill. Your Choice.

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