Cooking with your Kamado Grill

Your new Icon Kamado is the complete outdoor cooking appliance that allows you to sear, grill, bake and smoke all types of food. For best results, we recommend using natural lump charcoal made from hardwoods. Compared to briquettes, natural charcoals start faster, burn cleaner and longer, reach higher temperatures and produce less ash. Leftover natural charcoal also relights for re-use. Before restarting the grill, knock off excess ash from remaining charcoal. Routinely empty ash, but only do so when grill is cool.

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Starting Your Kamado Grill

Starting your Icon Kamado Grill is simple and fast: Open top and bottom vents wide open, fill the inner fire bowl with enough charcoal to cover the air holes, then light the charcoal using an electric starter or approved grill starters. After several coals are burning, spread evenly, adjust top and bottom vents, and wait for the Kamado to reach your desired cooking temperature. As needed, add more charcoal by using the flip grate feature, being careful not to burn yourself with the hot food or cooking grate.

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Grilling Versatility

The Quickchange Gas Insert has altered the course of grilling history with its unique capability to convert our grill between charcoal and gas, and back again, with one small footprint.

You can enjoy the ease of gas grilling Monday through Friday, whether it be hamburgers, chicken, brats or hot dogs, and enjoy the low-and-slow charcoal grilling of ribs, brisket or pork shoulders on the weekends. Whatever you’re craving…it’s up to you!

Your Grill. Your Choice.

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